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A break in the weather.

UQ Sport have allowed the fields to remain open, so games are going ahead tonight (29/10/18) as scheduled. Tonight will also be the last round of normal games, we will begin the finals series next Monday 5/11/18. Please keep an eye on for your finals game times later this week.

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Do you want to earn easy and good money

We are running a referees course Saturday 27th of August.  It is aimed at new and lesser experienced referees.  It will cost nothing to attend and there is a monetary incentive for those that do attend and follow up with refereeing a certain amount of games. All referees that participate in our competition are paid per game for […]

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Free agent market (individual nominations)

We have received a number of individuals nominating as a free agent for thos that have teams looking for spots to fill. If you log in to your account you will see a “Browse free agent market” option.  Head into there and you will find all the player nominations.  Select a player that fits your night […]

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