Wet Weather

Matches may be postponed or cancelled in the event of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

In the event of wet weather and subsequent “washed out” games and email will be sent out to the captain and vice-captain listed in your nomination stating the fields are closed.  A notification will be put on our Facebook page also.

If you have not heard anything from Admin then the games are going ahead as scheduled.

If rain starts after 4pm the Venue Coordinator may need to make the decision to call off games once the condition of the fields becomes apparent. In this event, check with your Venue Coordinator or ring the Administrator on 0418 731 293. If there has been inclement weather leading up to the day of your game, (but not necessarily on the day of your game) check the message as fields may still be deemed unfit to play on.

Safety of participants and preservation of facilities, particularly the playing surface, will at all times take precedence over the competition program. Every effort will be made to replay postponed games. Unitouch reserves the right to adjust the fixture program as deemed appropriate. Rounds may be cancelled if the spare (wet) weeks have already been utilized.

There will be no appeal over the rescheduling of fixture matches.